“Our inspiration is the people … We give life to your space integrating the senses”

At E3 DESIGN we offer a new life style for your home, office or leisure venue. More comfortable, exhilarating and full of life. We offer you the chance to experience and discover true well-being.

The team at E3 DESIGN is made up of interior architects and designers, as well as graphic designers. Our mission is the development of integral interior architecture, new building, renovation, refurbishment, interior and furniture design, ephemeral spaces, window dressing and landscaping projects.

E3 DESIGN offers professional services in all fields related to design: Residential developments, single-family dwellings, recreation and commercial spaces, hospitality and restoration, professional offices, healthcare facilities, social clubs, sport facilities, etc.

Our team is made up of great professionals and experts. One of the key steps of our work is discussing, agreeing on and taking the best decisions based on each of the participants’ opinions. We are a creative and dynamic team that will be the key if you require great expertise and quality for your project.  Each member of our technical team has international expertise acquired in Latin America (Argentina and Brazil), North and Central America (Mexico, Panama, Bolivia, California, Miami and New York), Europe (France and Switzerland), and Asia (Beijing, China).


“Creativity, balance, exclusivity and sophistication… Promises fulfilled and trustter”  The signature of E3 DESIGN